Philippe Castagner

Philippe Castagner's Schwabacher Debut Recital

Castagner_2 * Notes *
This year the Schwabacher Debut Recital Series commenced with yesterday's performance of Die schöne Müllerin. Tenor Philippe Castagner sang Schubert's song cycle with a lovely tenderness and expression. He had fine control over his vibrato and good diction. He did move a great deal during the course of the 20 songs, drumming out the beat against his legs or pointing, but somehow this came off as charming instead of obnoxious. Ken Noda accompanied Castagner beautifully, though at times it seemed that Noda was holding the reigns, setting the rather quick pace.

* Tattling *
The performance at
Temple Emanu-El was well attended, despite it being held on Superbowl Sunday. I was offered someone's extra ticket, which I accepted gratefully. The audience was well-behaved, though there was one watch alarm at 6pm.

There seemed to be some continuous high pitched noises coming from above, perhaps from the lighting. They occasionally became louder, and at one point a young girl in the first row looked up at the sound as well.