Chora Nova

Chora Nova performs Vivaldi, Galuppi, Pergolese

Paul-flight * Notes *
Berkeley's Chora Nova ended the 2010-2011 season with a performance of psalm settings from the Italian Baroque last Saturday. The evening began with Pergolese's Confitebor tibi and Galuppi's Nisi Dominus. The both pieces were played and sung at a pretty mezzo-forte under the direction of Paul Flight (pictured left). The two sopranos were distinct from one another. Michele Byrd's voice was bright, while Jennifer Paulino's was warmer. For Pergolese, Byrd sang a countertenor part in a duet with tenor Brian Thorsett. This did not quite work, they just did not seem to be singing together. The Galuppi had more fire to it, but unfortunately, one of the violins broke a string before the last soprano duet.

The second half of the program gave us Vivaldi's Dixit Dominus. Playing and singing were diffuse but pleasant. Thorsett had a beautiful solo, and the trumpet here clean except for an odd squawk at the end. Flight sang the countertenor part in this piece, turning from the orchestra to sing to the audience.

* Tattling *
Someone in the balcony saw fit to undo her wrist brace during the second piece, apologizing, but creating a great deal of noise unfastening her velcro straps.