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Final Dress of SF Opera's Walküre

Final Dress of SF Opera's Das Rheingold

Das-rheingold * Notes *
The final dress rehearsal of San Francisco Opera's Das Rheingold (Mark Delavan, Jennifer Larmore, Tamara Wapinsky, Charles Taylor, and Jason Collins pictured left; photo from the 2008 production by Terrence McCarthy) was yesterday. Nearly 70% of the cast has changed from the opening San Francisco performances of this production three years ago, so it was fascinating to watch how things have developed thus far. Many of the projections have been changed, but the essentials remain the same.

* Tattling *
I find the aesthetic of the Gods in Francesca Zambello's production very amusing for some reason. When Donner is to clear the air with his hammer, marked "Ein starker Blitz entfährt der Wolke; ein heftiger Donnerschlag folgt." in the score, I could not stop giggling. Something about how this is staged is simply hilarious.