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Measha Brueggergosman at SF Performances

Michael Francis & Rufus Wainwright at SFS

RufusWainwright * Notes * 
Michael Francis is currently conducting San Francisco Symphony in a program of Milhaud's La Création du monde, Rufus Wainwright's Five Shakespeare Sonnets, and Weill's Symphony No. 2. Last night's performance began with the jazz-influenced piece by Milhaud. The small ensemble did not appear to include a viola. The saxophone, clarinet, and oboe were particularly good. Next came the sonnets, which were sung by the composer himself. Wainwright used a microphone, which was unsurprising. His music was pleasant enough, but I did not really know what to make of it. It seemed that he could have done just as well with a piano rather than a whole orchestra. The Weill symphony was strong, the brass was together and not harsh, and the woodwinds sounded wonderful.

* Tattling * 
There was much talking and coughing during this performance. It was heartening to see many more younger people in the audience than usual.