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Mutter-Bashmet-Harrell Trio

MutterBashmetHarrelltrio * Notes * 
The Mutter-Bashmet-Harrell Trio played a program of Beethoven yesterday night at Davies Hall in San Francisco. The performance started with a charming rendition of the String Trio in C minor, Opus 9, No. 3. Anne-Sophie Mutter, Yuri Bashmet, and Lynn Harrell all have a different shape to their playing, but it seemed they had a lot of fun together. Mutter is especially aggressive, and even when playing quietly she has a hard-edge. Bashmet played evocatively, with grace and strength. Harrell produced a warm, expansive sound, but with a lovely restraint as well. The Serenade in D Major, Opus 8 was bright, the Scherzo witty, and the Allegretto alla Polacca provoked giggling. The String Trio in E-flat Major, Opus 3 sparkled.

* Tattling * 
The audience was confused and clapped after the first movement of the first piece. There was also applause in the middle of Tema (Andante quasi allegretto) con variazione. In the first half, light talking was noted from people in Row J Seats 1 and 3, and Row K Seats 5 and 7 on the Orchestra Level. There was quite a lot of sleeping noted.

My companion started to unwrap his cough drop during the first movement of the third piece, but I gave him such a look he was compelled to stop. Upon extracting his lozenge from the wrapper, he proceeded to place the latter on my lap. Of course my incensed expressions only made him laugh all the more.