Measha Brueggergosman at SF Performances
Music Director of LA Opera

GBOpera Collaboration

The Opera Tattler is pleased to announce an exclusive collaboration with GBOpera, the Italian-based online opera magazine. Founded in 2008 by Giorgio Bagnoli, the publication features reviews of shows staged in the major theaters of Northern and Central Italy, the latest stories in the opera world, and interviews with some of the most prominent singers and personalities in the bel canto panorama. GBOpera's artist interview series, "Senza Trucco" ("Without Makeup"), aims at highlighting and exposing the more personal aspects and characteristics an artist is compelled to leave behind the scenes when going on stage. GBOpera is constantly updated with various kinds of news, from press releases to information concerning TV broadcasts, to sections devoted to such themes as an artist's career or technique issues. The magazine has also recently expanded its coverage to include the ballet world.