Lars Ulrik Mortensen conducts Bach
Plácido Domingo's SF Opera Press Event

The Second Cast of SF Opera's Figaro

Stober-Heidi * Notes *
The last three performances of San Francisco Opera's Le Nozze di Figaro this season features four new cast members. In the back of the balcony for the second performance on Saturday everyone could be heard, unlike during matinée I attended a week before in the side balcony. Dale Travis was perfectly funny as Doctor Bartolo. Trevor Scheunemann certainly seemed jealous and tyranical as the Count, and sang well, though his vibrato was rather prominent at the end of the opera. Kostas Smoriginas had a lot of energy as Figaro. His voice is not as reedy as Luca Pisaroni's, but is also not as pretty. Smoriginas did have a warmer, more baritone-like sound. The star of the show was Heidi Stober (Susanna). She sounded full and strong, yet very beautiful. Her acting and movement may not have been quite as sassy as Danielle de Niese's, but it was fascinating to compare the two sopranos.

* Tattling * 
There was much talking from a pair of young women around Row L Seats 115 and 117. One of them even used her mobile device during the second half of the opera. Otherwise, it was the usual parade of latecomers milling around in standing room before the first 4 minute pause between the first two acts.

At intermission I had the pleasure of meeting up with a few friends, one of whom was at the opera for the very first time.