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MTT conducts Harrison, Copland, & Tchaikovsky

Tchaikovsky-4 * Notes * 
San Francisco Symphony and Michael Tilson Thomas returned to Davies Hall with a program of Lou Harrison, Copland, and Tchaikovsky last night. Harrison's rather orientalist A Parade was cheerful and shimmery. The duet between the concertmaster and principal violist was particularly lovely. This was followed by two Copland pieces, the first, Quiet City, featured English horn and trumpet. Playing the former, Russ DeLuna had a pleasant, mellow sound. Playing the latter, Mark Inouye sounded sweet. Copland's Organ Symphony did not engage me, though organist Paul Jacobs played beautifully. After the intermission we heard Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 4 in F minor. The oboe was gorgeous in the Andantino in modo di canzona. The Scherzo was charming, the strings did a great job with the pizzicato ostinato. The brass was powerful and only had one vulnerable moment in the Finale.

* Tattling * 
There was some whispering during Wednesday's performance in San Francisco. The regular watch alarms were heard a the hour. We were asked to be especially quiet during the Organ Symphony, as it was recorded. Even still, someone on the left side of the Orchestra Level managed to drop something during this music, and was glared at by the indignant patrons in Row R.