Merola Grand Finale 2010
City Opera's 2010-2011 Season

Adler 2011 Speculation

Daniel Montenegro & Nadine Sierra, photo by Kristen Loken * Notes *
One imagines the Adler Fellows for 2011 will not be announced until next month, but let us indulge in some rampant speculation about which of the Merolini are coming back to San Francisco next year. Since my opinion does not count for much, these guesses are not based on whom I personally enjoyed most, but on observation of the master classes, key audience members, overall audience reactions, and important reviews.

Allen Perriello will have completed his two years as an Adler with Madama Butterfly, so we will get a new collaborative pianist. As for singers, the outgoing Adlers are probably soprano Leah Crocetto, tenor David Lomelí, and baritone Austin Kness. Pianist Natalia Katukova and tenor Alexander Lewis both start the Lindemann Young Artist Development Program next month. Sopranos Valentina Fleer and Janai Brugger-Orman will be Domingo-Thornton Young Artists.

* Tattler Guesses *
Jenna Douglas
Nadine Sierra
Daniel Montenegro
Ryan Kuster