Chailly conducts Beethoven's 7
Don Giovanni at Berkeley Opera

Blomstedt conducts Mozart's Linz

Linz * Notes * 
Last night Herbert Blomstedt conducted Mozart's Symphony No. 36 and Bruckner's Symphony No. 6 at San Francisco Symphony. The former sounded rather jolly, the dynamics were clear and the tempi restrained. The oboe sounded particularly good in the first and third movements. The brass was hazy in the second movement, but the following Menuetto danced and the phrasing was lovely. The strings sounded crisp throughout. The Bruckner was played with more lushness, starting off darkly but ending brightly exultant. The brass creaked slightly in the beginning Maestoso, but sounded fairly clear in the third movement. Again, the oboe was especially fine, as were the woodwinds in general.

* Tattling * 
There was a little talking but no electronic noise in the front orchestra seating. Many people rustled cellophane, perhaps from their cough drops. Applause was heard after the first movement of the Mozart.