Final Performance of Otello at SF Opera
The Tallis Scholars sing Josquin's Missa De beata virgine

Stucky, Sibelius, & Stravinsky at Berkeley Symphony

Joana * Notes * 
Last night Berkeley Symphony played a program of Steven Stucky, Sibelius, and Stravinsky. The program was quite coherent, the pieces all hung together well, each having a certain ethereality. The orchestra shimmered under Joana Carneiro, though perhaps lacking precision, the musicians did produce a lovely, hazy sound. Stucky's Radical Light started off almost like white noise, and was generally inoffensive and rather pretty. Its relationship to Symphony No. 7 of Sibelius that followed was clear. Likewise, "Elegy" from August 4, 1964 was harmless enough, and not unattractive as a piece. Stravinsky's The Firebird Suite glittered as the finale of the performance.

* Tattling * 
There was very little whispering, at least at the sides of the orchestra level, where there also were not that many people.