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San Francisco Piano Quartet

Davies After Hours at SFS

* Notes *
San Francisco Symphony's first Davies After Hours event was last night, after Nicola Luisotti again conducted Kodály, Bloch, and Brahms. The Second Tier Lobby was completely packed with people, and at times one could hardly move. This event seems intent on bridging classical music with a younger, hipper audience, not unlike the idea behind the Wordless Music Series. Cellist Alex Kelly played a set which included responses to both Bloch and Brahms. The latter was highly amusing, though I found the amplification distracting. Later Kelly played with the Mark Growden Sextet, a jazzy ensemble whose leader plays bicycle handlebars, accordion, and banjo. Though the music was not unenjoyable, the sensation of being crowded in by that many humans was, and we left early.

* Tattling *
There was quite a lot of chatter during the post-concert event, as one would expect. Much pushing occurred, and the Opera Tattler managed to squeeze her way to the balcony by the stage. Unfortunately, the conversations going on over there were utterly dull.

Many classical music bloggers were in attendance, including sfmike, M. C—, and Axel Feldheim. Also seen were administrators from SF Opera, both the General Director and the Director of Marketing were spotted.