ERSO at Cal Performances
La Monnaie's 2009-2010 Season

Schiff plays Beethoven Piano Sonatas 27-29

Schiff * Notes * 
András Schiff performed his penultimate recital in his two-year cycle of Beethoven Piano Sonatas yesterday evening at Davies Hall. He played with a great intensity, with a beautiful legato without being overly luxuriant. By the time he got to his two encores, Bach's Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue in D minor and Mozart's Gigue in G Major, one could hardly make coherent observation, so gripping was the performance up until that point. It was clear that Schiff played Bach and Mozart rather differently than the Beethoven, and distinctly from one another as well. He seemed equally engaged with all of the works.

* Tattling * 
The audience in the Second Tier was more ill-behaved than ever, though at the very least, no cellular phones rang. Someone seemed to either have a dress made of cellophane or a boundless need for candies. There was rampant whispering, and a squealing hearing device.

The Hammerklavier was particularly moving, though all the noise was distracting. When near tears at one point, yet another wrapper was crumpled, and I burst into what I hope were silent giggles.

Before the performance an usher in GG loudly barked that there was not to be any photography. I was terribly confused as I had not observed anyone with a camera. My bewilderment must have been evident to said usher as he repeated himself slowly and loudly several times as if I did not understand English.