2nd Cast of La Bohème at SF Opera
Steven Winn

Adler Fellows Gala Concert 2008

  * Notes *
The Adler Fellows Gala Concert last night was rather Germanic, there were no arias from Verdi or Puccini at all, though the evening started with the overture from Les vêpres siciliennes. Andrew Bidlack was drowned out by the orchestra during Capriccio's "Verraten hab ich meine Gefühle," though Tamara Wapinsky sang well and was perfectly audible. Bidlack was better in "Now you have seen her" from Gordon Getty's Usher House, the sweetness of his voice came through. Kenneth Kellogg sounded fine as well, as usual.

Heidi Melton and Daveda Karanas both have stunning voices, though I found the choice of "Weh, ach wehe, dies zu dulden" from Tristan und Isolde a bit boring. Melton has good volume and a lovely creaminess, she did have a bit of strain in her higher register, especially for the first high note. The pleasantly metallic sound of Karanas was a good foil for Melton. Katharine Tier did not hit the high note in "Amour! viens aider ma faiblesse," though her low notes were beautiful. Likewise, "D'Oreste, d'Ajace" seemed inappropriate for Tamara Wapinsky, the role did not sit well in her voice.

The second half of the concert was better. Ji Young Yang twittered prettily through Act III, Scenes 4 and 5 of Semele with Alek Shrader. Though he was not perfectly with the orchestra, Shrader's voice is strong. Daniela Mack sounded wonderful as Cendrillon when she sang "Ma pauvre enfant chérie!" with Kenneth Kellogg. The evening ended with "Mein Gott! Es war nicht mehr als ein Farce" from Der Rosenkavalier. Heidi Melton was a dignifed Marschallin, Katharine Tier was a bit difficult to hear at times as Octavian. Ji Young Yang (Sophie) and Kenneth Kellogg (Faninal) were perfectly delightful.

* Tattling * 
There was a fair amount of talking and rustling of programs. Many people arrived late.