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Surf Tailz and Welsh National Opera

Welsh National Opera is targeting young men between the ages of 14 and 25 with a film entitled Surf Tailz. Baritone and surfer Craig Yates is working on the project and one can read about it on WNO's official site. The South Wales Echo has a rather misleadingly titled article on the endeavor as well, "Baywatch: The Opera" this is not. Firstly, Baywatch is about lifeguards (at least, that's my understanding), not surfing. Second, the project at hand is not an opera, it is a film produced by an opera company. Lastly, Porthcawl is hardly Los Angeles.

On a related and somewhat more serious note, the company has a new music director, Lothar Koenigs, who started this month.

Press Release on Lothar Koenigs | Craig Yates' Blog about Surf Tailz