Anna Karenina
Thoughts On A Season of Glamour


A couple of weeks ago I left my credit card at the North Box Bar, I think I must have been overwhelmed by the opening of Macbeth. The card was turned into lost and found, but I did not manage to get there in time, so they supposedly sent it to the War Memorial Executive Offices over in the Veterans Building. This morning I went over there, but alack, my card was not there, and had not been logged as missing. Everyone I talked to was very nice, but I think it is time to give up and cancel the card.

Just before that I went to get standing room tickets for tonight's performance of The Rake's Progress, and for the first time, was not allowed to buy more than two. I rarely need to buy more than two tickets, but usually if I need an extra, the box office people will sell me one. It just means I have to go to the box office again, which is not terrible, just not the most convenient.