Große Messe No. 17 in C minor K427
Trisha Brown Dance Company

Concerto No. 20 in D Minor for Piano and Orchestra, K. 466

Radulupu* Notes *
Radu Lupu played Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 20 last weekend with the San Francisco Symphony. Lupu certainly was comfortable with the material. He was heavy on the pedal in the Romance. The slower bits were most unclear and slightly mushy.

Lawrence Foster conducted, and for the most part it was fine. However the horn parts in the Allegro assai rondo were not together.

* Tattling *
On my way to Davies I heard a pair wondering whether the Mozart was first or last, they were pretty sure it was last. They passed me, and I noticed they were either violinists or violists. As it turns out, Gerhard's Concerto for Orchestra was last. I must admit my weakness, I did skip out on this half.

People were well-behaved, not that many were seated during the performance, and no one talked. I did notice some humming along and there were watch beeps to signal the hour.