Buona sera, mio signore
Carmen Sold Out

Carmen, ou la Carmencita

Operacafe* Notes *
The fourth performance of Carmen this season was yesterday, and I had the chance of seeing the performance from Box A. From there I could discern that Hadar Halévy was gasping, rather than wobbling, at least, most of the time. She has a wholesome, sunny smile. Marco Berti was rather loud, but his voice is expressive, though his acting is not. On the other hand Ana María Martínez acted well as Micaëla, but was shrill in her higher register. Also acting well was Kyle Ketelsen as Escamillo. His voice is pretty, but was lost when the full orchestra played during "Toreador en Garde." Sebastian Lang-Lessing conducted at a break-neck speed in the beginning, which was thrilling and precarious. There were a few moments when the singers and orchestra were not precisely together.

* Tattling *
It impresses me that even people in boxes think it is fine to speak during the overture, and I had to hush some women in Box B. One would think if one is close enough to discern the performers expressions, one would realize that one can also be seen and possibly heard. The people in Box A 5 and 6 also talked a great deal during Acts III and IV, but only during the music, never during the spoken dialogue. It was odd since they were quiet in the beginning and it was a slow crescendo to nearly full-volume by the end.

* Overheard *
During the second intermission, I heard a woman ask her companions if "they were singing in French." I nearly fell out of my chair, and it made me spill my sparkling water all over the table.

The talking people in Box A also had a funny conversation in which they were convinced that Sean Panikkar was not in Carmen, yet he was in the program. This is because they were looking at the Manon Lescaut program, and they did not finish figuring it out by the time Act IV started. I'm not sure why they were trying to read the program in the dark during the scene change.