Manon Lescaut Panel Discussion
Opening of Manon Lescaut

Fredda ed immobile

Balcon* Notes *
The seventh performance of Il Barbiere di Siviglia this season was at least better than the last I saw. Things may have been helped by standing in the balcony, where the sound is better. I could definitely hear Nathan Gunn (Figaro) more clearly except when he was in the upper room of Bartolo's Bauhaus house. Apparently his height made it so he could not project out of the set properly, but both John Osborn (Count Almaviva) and Allyson McHardy (Rosina) were audible. The finale of Act I was closer to being together, but I must say I'm not impressed by Maurizio Barbacini as a conductor. The music was taken so fast and seemingly without regard to the singers, it was like some sort of precarious race to the end.

* Tattling *
The later start made it easier for people to be on time, but there were still latecomers hanging out in standing room. Certain people are completely boggled by the concept that there are repercussions for being tardy.

Just before Bartolo's aria "A un dottor della mia sorte," someone took a photograph with flash, and as Bruno de Simone started singing, another photograph was taken.