Jeannik Littlefield
For folded flocks, and fruitful plains

Closing of Un Ballo

Verdiballo* Notes *
Deborah Voigt recovered enough to sing Amelia at the closing of Un Ballo in San Francisco on September 29th. Both she and Anna Christy (Oscar) stood out as good. I noticed that Marcus Haddock (Gustavus III) doesn't have a certain staccato quality that is necessary for some of the music. After seeing this production four times, I determined that it is a bit boring. It is so pretty, but not quite right.

* Tattling *
Some Scandinavian tourists brought their young daughter to the opera. The child was perhaps two-years old and was unable to keep quiet during the beginning, she screamed during the overture. The mother took the child outside for most of Act I, but returned for the rest. Thankfully the child slept for much of Acts II and III.