Frisch weht der Wind
The Kirov in Costa Mesa, CA

Closing of Die Fledermaus

Fledermausactiii* Notes *
Die Fledermaus ended its seven performance run at San Francisco Opera yesterday. It was as charming as ever, almost everyone had it together for the final go-around. Wolfgang Brendel had the correct footing for his Rockettesque duet with Eugene Brancoveanu at the end of Act II. Likewise, Brancoveanu managed to keep the beat correctly as he hit a teapot during Jennifer Welch-Babidge's aria in Act III. The ballet duet in Act II was still dull, even with different soloists, the pair were still not exactly together and there was one point where Cynthia Dreyer looked like she would teeter over. The funny thing is that they are playing dancers from St. Petersburg.

This time around I was more impressed with Christine Goerke (Rosalinde), she could use a bit more control, perhaps, but I'd like to hear her sing again in another role.

* Tattling *
Brian Leerhaber (Dr. Falke) lost one of the cuffs to his dashing red-trimmed frock coat, but was non-plussed by this wardrobe malfunction.

A woman and child arrived late to Box Y, and because the latter has not attained his full height, he had difficulty seeing the stage from Seat 5. Much talking ensued on the part of the woman, she was concerned that the boy was bored and confused about the plot. Apparently his cell phone was on for all of Act I, and he did not deign it important to turn it off for Act II after the reminder, so the woman had to do it for him. She continued to speak during the music, and it wasn't until Prince Orlovsky's "Chacun à son Goût" when she asked the boy if he would like to go. One imagines he must have replied in the affirmative, for they left.