La Tragédie de Sémiramis
Anna Bolena

Romantische Oper in 3 Akten

Deutsche Oper Berlin's current production of Der fliegende Holländer premiered 27. March 1997. The music was nice, something in between normal opera and music drama. The production was fairly nondescript, though many scrims and curtains were used. There was a noisy rotating platform that served as the Dutchman's ship at times. There were a lot of ropes. The Dutchman is tied in ropes as his ship approaches the Norwegian ship, there are ropes all around in the second act that encage the girls spinning, and so forth. The costumes looked to be 1930s or so.

The singing was all consistently good but not exceptional. Reinhard Hagen as Daland was perhaps my favorite, he didn't strain nearly as hard as Richard Paul Fink as the Holländer.

* * *
Musikalische Leitung  Marc Albrecht
Inszenierung  Götz Friedrich
Bühne, Kostüme Gottfried Pilz, Isabel Ines Glathar
Chöre Ulrich Paetzholdt

Daland Reinhard Hagen
Senta Eva Johansson
Erik Richard Brunner
Mary Kari Hamnøy
Steuermann Clemens Bieber 
Holländer Richard Paul Fink